NJ Laws of Arrest Search & Seizure 2 Day "Holtz" Case Law Review

NJ Laws of Arrest Search & Seizure 2 Day "Holtz" Case Law Review

February 7, 2023



ESPOS Arrest, Search and Seizure class was created by Larry E. Holtz, Esq. and is presented by Captain Edward Esposito. This two-day, highly-acclaimed program will update law enforcement officials in the recent developments and changes in the laws of arrest, investigative detentions (including “stop & frisk” and motor vehicle stops), search warrants, and the exceptions to the written warrant requirement. The seminar will focus on the court decisions which have been recently handed down by the United States Supreme Court, the NJ Supreme Court, and the various panels of the Appellate Division.
NJ Laws of Arrest, Search & Seizure
2-Day “Holtz” Case Law Review
? Physical requirements
? The “objective“ standard
? Probable cause requirement
? Arrest with warrant
? Warrantless arrests
? Entering dwellings
? Procedures following arrest
? Summons vs. warrant procedures
? Preliminary

Monmouth County Sheriff's Office
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